2-4-1 Dwight-Englewood

Dwight-Englewood School
July 22, 2024 - July 26, 2024
8:30 am - 2:30 pm
July 29, 2024 - August 2, 2024
8:30 am - 2:30 pm

About Camp

2-4-1 Puts Play Back into Sports!

At 2-4-1 Dwight-Englewood, children have the opportunity to sample multiple sports and learn for themselves how playing one sport increases their ability and confidence in another. While many specialty camps are filled with laps, lines and lectures – at 2-4-1 we focus on getting kids moving and playing all day. All attendees play at least 3 sports each day and we encourage all campers to try at least one sport they’ve never tried before. “Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport” is more than a tagline for us — it’s a cultural shift that drives our programs to help families recognize that a lifelong love of activity starts with a diverse, play-filled childhood.

All Division 3 campers (going into grades 3-8) choose three sports from our many fun-filled options (see below)! When campers arrive for our opening ceremonies, they’ll receive the order of their sports that morning based on their choices.

Basketball, 2-4-1 Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Flag Football,  Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball,  Ultimate Frisbee, and Universal Sports (see description of Universal below).

For details on Junior 2-4-1, (rising grades K- 2) see below.

When registering, please consult with your child about their choices as it is an incredible task for us to build our master schedule and many of our staffing and scheduling decisions are based on camper sport-choices.

If your child is not sure what they want their third sport to be or want to experience an even greater variety, we recommend Universal Sports. See description below, but this will allow your camper to be exposed to at least 7 sports each week!



2-4-1 Dwight-Englewood is offered in partnership with 360 D-E.

The cost per week of camp is $750.00 per week.  Financial aid is available (for details contact the 360 D-E team).

2-4-1 is proud to be partnering with 360 D-E and Dwight-Englewood School : Challenging Minds For a Changing World

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Sample Schedule

Just a typical day at 2-4-1 Sports:
This sample schedule is for  Division 3 only (Grades 3-8 Fall of 2024)

See Junior 2-4-1 (Division 2 rising grades k-2) below for explanation of our Divisions

8:15 am
8:30 am
Sport 1 (eg. Tennis)
10:00 am
Break – crossover to sport 2
10:15 am
Sport 2 (eg. Soccer)
11:45 am
Lunch (gather at end of lunch for announcements/contest of the day winners etc.)
12:45 pm
Sport 3 – (eg. Basketball
2:30 pm

Junior 2-4-1

Camp is broken into two divisions (note that “Rising” for each of the following is what grade your child will be in Fall of 2024)

Division 2 (often referred to as Junior 2-4-1) – Rising K-2 Students

Division 3 – Rising 3rd through 8th grade 

While the times and dates of Divison 2 (Juniors) are the same as our traditional camp, the programming itself is age-appropriately different. In keeping in line with the “2-4-1 Crossover Effect” – we see it as so important that these youngest athletes crossover to our traditional program having had the most positive of experiences. With that in mind – our staff focuses on infusing skill instruction into serious fun! We want their first introduction to multiple-sports to be one where they leave asking for more! Junior campers don’t choose sports – we bring the sports to them!  Junior campers do not need to bring any of their own equipment.
Junior campers have their own distinct directors and counselors.  The programs are run separetly from each other so please know we are not able to honor any sibling or friend requests outside of each other’s division.  We also can not make any exceptions regarding these grade requirements for divisions.

Sport Choices

“Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport”
While most of our Sport Choices don’t need explanation, we realize a few of our names do.

Universal Sports: Campers love that they never know what they’ll get each day. Each year it varies and often involves community partnerships. Maybe its golf offered by First Tee. Maybe it’s fencing offered by a local club. Or the Israeli dodgeball game known as GaGa. Whatever it is, you can rest assured it’s incredibly fun and the skills learned crossover to our traditional sport offerings.

2-4-1 Lacrosse: 2-4-1 Lacrosse is a hybrid, street style, small sided version of lacrosse drawing on the skills and strategies of many different sports. This fast paced, fun-filled version of the game does not require any equipment besides a stick (can be boys or girls) and a ball (most often we use a tennis ball, but sometimes supplement with a similar weighted, but slightly softer ball).  Team sizes range anywhere from 2v2 to no larger than 5v5.  There are no designated goalies. In fact – “the goals” can vary from game to game.  Sometimes, depending on skill level, the goal is a traditional pop up goal, or it can be an “X” marked on a tree, a large orange cone, or even a completed pass into an “end zone”.  Advanced, intermediate and brand new players from both the men’s and women’s version of lacrosse love and benefit from this pick-up style of play that can be played anywhere.  In the same way ice hockey players love street hockey, basketball players love playground hoops, and soccer players love futsal, this modified version of lacrosse is a great way to introduce the sport to beginners and improve the skill of advanced players during the summer heat.

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General Refund Policy

Most Camps handled through one of our registration partners - CampMinder or LeagueApps

Minimum 10% administrative fee for any cancellations/week changes

60 days or less before Camp start - 75% refund
30 days or less before Camp start - 25% refund
No refunds available within one day of camp or when camp begins.

(Camps in Farmington, New Westminster and with West Hartford Leisure Services -  registrations and refunds handled independently)

Thank you for your understanding as all cost and staffing decisions are based on enrollments.