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Nairobi, Kenya and Kitwe, Zambia

2-4-1 Sports is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Wellness for Greatness, Kenya and the Care Sport Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia. 

In December 2023, 2-4-1 Executive Director Steve Boyle and Chief Operating Officer, Kerry Boyle will be traveling to Nairobi and Kitwe. Their mission: To provide hands-on training to local coaches and counselors, and personally deliver the TOP Self Sports program to the spirited children in both communities  Taking cues from our work with underserved communities in the US, the team will emphasize not so much the nature of the sport, but the power of sport as a medium to impart social-emotional learning through the TOP (Thinking On Purpose) Self approach.

What sets the TOP Self approach apart? It stands as a truly unique global framework leveraging sports to teach the nuances of social-emotional learning and focusing on the United Nations Sustainability Goals, specifically goals number three (Good Health and Well-being) and four (Quality Education).

Adding to the uniqueness of the 2-4-1 Top Self Sports program is its ‘Physical Literacy Pals’ (PLPs) model. Here, older participants undergo training to work alongside coaches, acting as mentors and guides for their younger peers. This setup promotes a positive environment across age groups, encourages anti-bullying sentiments, and is fantastic for ensuring older students grasp both sports and TOP Self skills. As the saying goes: “To teach is to learn twice.”

The PLP model proves mutually beneficial, fostering a rich learning experience for all involved. It’s not just about mastering the sport, but about harnessing its principles to shape character and nurture life skills.

As we embark on this journey we are filled with hope. We envision the ripples of positive change and empowerment expanding across the entire African continent.

For those who believe in our vision and wish to stand with us, we welcome your support. Whether it’s through expertise, resources, or donations, every bit counts. To contribute or to learn more about how you can make a difference, please contact us or donate here.

Together, we can make a world of change.


2-4-1 Wellness for Greatness, Kenya

Wellness for Greatness (W4G) Kenya, established in 2018, is a health and wellness non-governmental organization with a heartfelt commitment to fostering healthy lifestyles. Their target groups include schoolchildren, youths, adults, and the broader community. By introducing innovative programs aimed at preventive health education, W4G empowers the Kenyan populace with vital knowledge about health and wellness.

The organization is built on a fundamental belief that life should be a journey. This journey revolves around keeping oneself healthy, fit, and active through the progressive phases of life. 2-4-1 has been a committed partner of W4G since 2019. While our initial plans to conduct on-site trainings and program deliveries were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the setback didn’t stifle our collaborative spirit.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, both 2-4-1 and W4G remained enthusiastic and determined. Their collaborations have now taken an exciting turn, with 2-4-1 planning to bring top-notch programs to the Nairobi community at an unprecedented scale.

For over 18 months, the executives of 2-4-1 and Wellness for Greatness have been meticulously planning. Our collaboration aims to introduce 2-4-1 in Kenya for the first time. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goals, specifically goals number three (Good Health and Well-being) and four (Quality Education), both organizations are pooling their resources and expertise to make a lasting, positive change in the world.


2-4-1 Zambia

2-4-1’s collaboration with the Care Sport Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia represents a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of physical literacy and social emotional learning. This partnership emerged from a shared vision between 2-4-1 and Stephen Chandra, Founder and CEO of the Care Sport Foundation. Recognizing the immense benefits that sports brought to what Stephen describes as “vulnerable” children in Kitwe, Stephen sought to augment these activities with a structured approach to physical literacy. His outreach to 2-4-1 proved fortuitous, as 2-4-1’s philosophy of utilizing sports as a medium for teaching social emotional learning aligned seamlessly with Stephen’s objectives.

The synergy between the two organizations led to the initiation of 2-4-1’s ‘Top Self’ programming in Zambia. With the support of 2-4-1’s online training, Stephen began implementing this curriculum both outside of school hours and during special week-long camps. The goal of this training is multifaceted: it not only introduces children to diverse sports but also emphasizes the acquisition of critical social emotional skills.

2-4-1’s enthusiasm about this collaboration is palpable. They are eager to further solidify their presence in Kitwe, aiming to offer in-person training sessions for local coaches and counselors. This would be complemented by hands-on, on-site training sessions, reinforcing 2-4-1’s commitment to enhancing the physical and emotional wellbeing of Zambia’s youth. Ultimately, 2-4-1 aspires to proliferate their unique programming across Zambian schools and communities.

Stephen’s vision resonates deeply with 2-4-1’s mission. His emphasis on creating tangible, positive change in the lives of the children he serves is a testament to the transformative power of sports and social emotional learning. With the combined efforts of Stephen, his dedicated team of coaches and volunteers, and 2-4-1, countless young lives in Kitwe stand to benefit profoundly.


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