Gabriel Cruz

2-4-1 Boxing Program Developer

Gabriel Luis Cruz boasts 11 years of boxing experience, including 6 years in amateur competitions. He clinched the title of the 2019 Western New England Golden Gloves Champion in the 152 lb Division. Certified as a green level boxing coach by USA Boxing, Gabriel has 3 years of coaching under his belt. His exceptional talent led him to feature in a Nike Breathe Commercial during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Gabriel firmly believes that boxing is more than just a sport; it’s a tool to instill essential life skills such as risk-taking, confidence, humility, discipline, and respect. Away from the boxing ring, Gabriel serves as a paraprofessional at Breakthrough Magnet School South, where he positively influences the classroom. Leveraging his passion for boxing, he engages children, guiding them towards becoming responsible members of society.