Geoff Lenahan

Camp Director

Geoff grew up in a family of 8, including being the middle of 5 boys. Many days were spent playing whatever the sport of the month happened to be, and always fighting hard to keep up with his older siblings. He also played organized baseball, soccer, basketball, and football (and street hockey whenever possible). In college, he played 4 years of basketball, where he was also named team captain in his final seasons. He then picked up rugby, and later tennis, and knows he will be an avid life-long athlete. He went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Leadership, which built the foundation for his passion of using sport as a key tool for critical life skill development in youth. He has used these skills to inform and direct his 6 years of coaching youth soccer and basketball. Like his wife Sandra, he works hard to pass along his love of playing and movement to their 4 kids and as many of the neighbourhood kids, as well.