Julie Goldstein, LCSW, Ed.D.

Chief Program Officer

As the Chief Program Officer at 2-4-1, Dr. Julie Goldstein is at the forefront of pioneering initiatives that fuse her profound experiences in educational settings with her passion for social-emotional learning (SEL), crafting unparalleled programs that resonate with children across the world. Findings from her recent Sacred Heart University doctoral study determined how 2-4-1’s high-quality SEL practices and TOP Self™ curriculum support student well-being and connection, contributing to positive school climate.

Julie’s current role emphasizes the natural integration of physical literacy development with SEL, setting a precedent for how we empower the next generation to thrive both physically and emotionally. With an unwavering dedication to fostering the success and well-being of students, educators, and families alike, Julie leverages her tenure as a former principal of award-winning interdistrict magnet schools combined with her background in fitness to bring equity and excellence into the fabric of education.

Her role as a board member of Magnet Schools of America and her involvement as a fellow with Teach for All and Leadership for Educational Equity underscore her commitment to equitable educational opportunities. A systemic scholar-practitioner specializing in Social-Emotional and Academic Leadership, Julie’s strategic approaches are not just theoretical but proven in practice, with a clear track record of effectiveness. Her strategy is to interlace the vision and mission at both the district and school levels with the principles of improvement science, creating a synergistic blueprint for success.

Julie’s vision is to enact change on a global scale, ensuring that the innate potential of every child is nurtured through the delicate balance of physical prowess and emotional intelligence. She stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedicated educational leadership and the profound impact it can have on students and school communities