We Put Play Back Into Sports

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2-4-1 gives kids the freedom to explore imaginative, creative ways, to put play back into sports. We encourage kids to be their best selves, creating confidence, friendships, and joy for life.
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Our vision is a world at play where individuals are physically, socially and emotionally well.

Where Social Emotional Learning Meets Sports

There is no better classroom to teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) than a sport setting. We intentionally build in TOP Self™ skills into all of our programs so that kids experience the power of Thinking On Purpose as it relates to self control, team building and leadership development.
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National Leaders in Sport Sampling

Sport sampling and social emotional learning are the foundation to all of our programs. Giving kids an opportunity to try more than one sport helps them grow physically and emotionally.

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Become one of our local or global partners to ensure we have a world where kids experience joy in a variety of sports to increase the likelihood that this generation will be active for the rest of their lives.
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