United by Purpose: Announcing a Powerful Partnership Between 2-4-1 and CHJS

November 7, 2023

With 2-4-1 at the nexus of social-emotional learning and sport, we bring to the table a unique delivery model that encompasses sport sampling and physical literacy development programs. The collaboration with the Center for Healing and Justice through Sports (CHJS) amplifies this model, infusing it with cutting-edge neurosequential research and trauma-informed practices.

“We’re so excited to be working with the great humans at 2-4-1 to grow the number of tools CHJS is able to offer coaches. 2-4-1 is taking on the good and hard work of supporting the positive physical and emotional development of young people through sport, and we couldn’t be more proud to be working alongside them and their community.” shared Megan Bartlett, Executive Director of CHJS.

“We are witnessing a pivotal moment where our missions are converging to create a synergy that will undoubtedly ripple through the lives of children and families everywhere,” states Steve Boyle, Executive Director of 2-4-1. “Our approach, fundamentally, thrives at the intersection where sport becomes more than play — it becomes a foundational platform for healing, learning, and growth.”

2-4-1’s Executive Director, Steve Boyle and COO, Kerry Boyle on the outside of CHJS’ Executive Director, Megan Bartlett and Lead Trainer, Anthony Andino at a recent training in Hartford, Connecticut

This partnership is not only about shared philosophy; it is about action and impact. It takes the best of what both 2-4-1 and CHJS offer and synergizes it to empower children and communities through the multifaceted power of sports. The goal is clear: to use the universal language of sports to teach, to heal, and to unite.

“We are so impressed by the work that Megan and her team at CHJS do every day around the globe,” Boyle remarks. “We are so proud to announce them as our training partner because they are literally the best in the world at what they do. Because our philosophies are so incredibly aligned, they are a natural partner for an organization like ours that puts their training and research into practice on a daily basis. We realize we are much more powerful together, and that is how great teams are built.”

As fields, gyms, playgrounds, and parks are transformed into vibrant hubs of learning and healing, 2-4-1 and CHJS are committed to being at the forefront of this transformative movement.

For more details on this partnership, the vision for the future, and how you can be a part of this exciting journey, please contact Jessica at 2-4-1 (Jessica@241play.org) or Claire at CHJS (cperry@chjs.org).

About The Center For Healing and Justice Through Sport (CHJS) : CHJS engages with sport at every level. From community centers and juvenile detention facilities to major college athletic conferences and professional leagues, the CHJS team puts a premium on neurobiology research and teaches coaches to deliver healing-centered sport experiences while protecting, nurturing, and embracing athletes for every bit of who they are.


About Team 2-4-1

At 2-4-1, we believe that the heart of youth sports is rooted in the joy of play. Our philosophy is simple: Sports should be fun, and every child should have the freedom to explore, learn, and fall in love with the games of their choice in their own unique way. We are committed to empowering kids to be their best selves. Through our innovative approach, we integrate the excitement of sports with social and emotional learning, providing a nurturing environment where children can build confidence, forge lasting friendships, and find joy that extends far beyond the playing field.


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