2-4-1 CREC Summer 2024

About 2-4-1 CREC Summer 2024

CREC's Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, Ana Grace Academy of the Arts, and Museum Academy.

Our 2-4-1 TOP Self Enrichment Program is thoughtfully designed to align with CREC’s academic offerings. Here is a detailed summary of the program aimed at elementary students.

Program Details

Target Audience: The program is specifically designed for up to 225 elementary students participating in the academic portion of their day at CREC’s Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, Ana Grace Academy of the Arts, and Museum Academy. The program is available for free for CREC students going into 1st-5th grade.

Number of Students: Serves up to 225 students, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience for all participants.

Program Length and Hours: This enrichment program runs for 4 weeks, from July 8th to August 2nd, with daily sessions following free lunch from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Structure: Following a CREC supervised lunch and recess period that begins at 12:30 PM, the formal programming starts at 1:00 PM. Students are organized into grade bands and experience a rotation through four different activities each day, based on an A and B day rotation schedule. This allows each group to participate in all eight enrichment offerings over a two-day period. 2-4-1 staff will collaborate closely with CREC staff to assure a smooth transition from academic learning to play-based enrichment activities.

Our activities are play-based with TOP Self SEL infused and include a combination of known sports like soccer and flag football, combined with 2-4-1 versions of sports like Team Handball, Capture the Flag and RadBall (our version of baseball/softball).  Goal is to teach kids how to self-organize into small-side games without dependence on adults and high-cost equipment.


Sample Schedule

The following is a sample rotation. All students will go through 1 of 8 activities each day – and cover all 8 over every two day period.

Day 1Day 2
12:30- 12:402-4-1 greeting and announcements
12:40- 1:101 AE
1:15-1:452 BF
1:50 -2:203 CG
2:25-2:554 DH

Students who regularly attend 2-4-1 TOP Self Sport and Leadership @ CREC will benefit from physical literacy informed sports enrichment programing featuring high quality SEL aimed to equitably, inclusively, and holistically impact their personal well-being and connection to peers and their community.


Sport/Leadership Themed Educational Field Trips

A key highlight of our enrichment activities includes specially organized sport-themed field trips, designed to extend learning beyond the traditional setting and into the heart of professional sports arenas. We have allocated budget to ensure students from our programs have the opportunity to experience live sports, with trips planned to see the Hartford Athletic Men’s Soccer team at Trinity Health Stadium in Hartford (July 17), and to watch the CT Sun WNBA women’s basketball game at Mohegan Sun Arena (July 10). These outings are not just about watching the game; they are enriched with educational components, as executive staff from each organization will engage with our students, discussing leadership in sports and exploring a variety of sport-related careers beyond being a professional athlete. This initiative aims to inspire our students by exposing them to real-world applications of leadership and teamwork, while also broadening their understanding of the diverse career opportunities within the sports industry.

Sponsors and Community Partners