2-4-1 Girls Leadership

About 2-4-1 Girls Leadership

The 2-4-1 Girls Leadership Program puts Social Emotional Learning front and center to help build confident, active young women who understand and appreciate the power of their voice and the many benefits of phyiscal activity!

Program Components:

While play-based movement is a part fo all 2-4-1 programs, the following is just a sampling of the topics that are covered in our comprehensive program designed intentionally for adolescent females:

  • Understanding self-esteem

  • Re-discovering things that make you happy

  • Identifying opportunities for change

  • Finding your Grit

  • Understanding the importance of goal setting

  • Developing Resilience

  • Understanding perfectionism

  • Building skills for “bouncing forward”

  • Exploring Possibility

  • Grasping the mind-body connection

  • Learn the fundamental movement skills needed for lifelong health

  • Learn the fundamental nutrition skills for lifelong health

  • Embracing the mind/body connection

  • Developing Community


How Does it Work

Our initial program is designed to immediately give girls voice and choice in the activities.  While the core leadership curriculum is standard throughout, we allow the girls in the program to choose from a variety of physical and athletic acitivies based on interest, availalbe space and equipment.  Activities vary from volleyball to yoga to flag football to fencing to group walks…you get the idea.  The sport or activity is not the key focus in this 2-4-1 program – leadership development and community building are!


Bring 2-4-1 Girls Leadership to your School

The 2-4-1 Girls Leadership Progam can be tailored to any school-communty with girls grades 5 to 11. While designed iniitally for Middle School girls, the program can be adapted to other age groups.

Our ideal group sizes are between 10-24 and we need a quiet space for instruction and an open space to accomodate play-based movement.

If you want to bring 2-4-1 Girls Leadership to your community, please contact 2-4-1’s COO, Kerry Boyle at Kerry@241play.org.