Why Outdoor Winter Play Matters for Kids

January 27, 2024

When the winter cold sets in, we are tempted to keep kids indoors. However, the benefits of encouraging kids to play games and do sports outdoors during the winter are too valuable to ignore. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about shaping resilient, healthy and socially and emotionally strong  kids. 

Winter can be the Classroom of Life:

Let’s think of winter as a classroom, and outdoor play as the lessons that equip kids with essential social and emotional  life skills. Just like kids learn from various subjects, kids gain a multitude of benefits by actively engaging in winter sports and games.

Improves Physical Fitness and Well-being:

Winter activities, whether it’s building snow forts or ice skating, provide an excellent workout. The cold air invigorates, and the varied movements enhance physical fitness, contributing to overall health and well-being. It’s like giving their bodies a winter workout, keeping them strong and resilient. And it’s great for ensuring they get adequate amounts of Vitamin D for bone and muscle health.

Builds Resilience

Facing the cold winds and navigating snowy terrain helps kids adapt and face challenges head-on. The ability to weather the winter cold mirrors the resilience they’ll carry into various aspects of their lives.

Develops Social Skills and Teamwork:

Outdoor winter play is a social activity. Whether it’s a friendly snowball fight or playing a winter sport, kids learn the importance of teamwork, communication, and cooperation, and social and emotional skills.

Inspires Creativity

Building snowmen, crafting snow angels, and even inventing new winter games spark imagination. The winter landscape becomes their artistic playground, where they sculpt ideas as if crafting a masterpiece in the snow.

Embraces Challenges

Winter sports introduce kids to challenges, much like navigating a ski slope. Whether it’s learning to balance on ice skates or conquering a snowy hill, these experiences teach perseverance and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

Encouraging kids to play games or do sports outdoors in the winter is not just about enjoying the season and the hot chocolate; it’s about shaping them physically, socially, and emotionally, and preparing them for life’s challenges. So, bundle up and show kids how much fun playing outside or participating in winter sports can be!  


About Mary Crean

Curiosity, persistence, and the desire to help others have afforded Mary a fulfilling and diverse career in business. Mary began her professional journey as a serial entrepreneur most notably in health and fitness, transforming people’s lives one at a time. Nonprofit executive leadership is where she spent the next decade helping people from marginalized communities work toward upward mobility. Most recently, Mary’s love of digging into marketing problems and solving them with technology led her to the insurance industry to help people meet their financial goals. A true believer in kids playing multiple sports, she and her husband Gerry coached and supported their kids Evan and Alex to play multiple sports that have included cross-country, squash, soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey and basketball. They went on to play D3 lacrosse at Emerson College and Mount Holyoke College. Mary holds a BS in Nutrition from the University of Saint Joseph and earned an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Post University. “My favorite memory of myself as a child is playing croquet with my older sister and two of our neighborhood besties every chance we got in the summer.”


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